Friday, April 13, 2007

Current Progress

Current progress, in lovely picture form...

Initial version, note that the light grey clock background is temporary and indicates the extent of the clock view. The dark grey area is the shelf view and the icons are simply drawn into this.

Mail icon changed and a couple of CD icons added. These are all just dummy placeholders at the moment; there's no code behind them at all just yet. RunningApps view is now in place but only shows current application windows, not applications. Note also that GDI+ has no concept of 32-bit XP icons, as can clearly be seen with the broken drawing of the Explorer folder icons.

Same as previous image only now I've fixed the problem with some windows being mistaken for application windows when they're clearly not. It only took me 8 minutes to figure out what was wrong too...

Windows are now consolidated down into running applications. Menu functionality isn't included at this point however.

Finally changed the clock view background colour to what it should be and launched a few other apps to make things look a bit more interesting.

More pics (and maybe a bit more info) coming soon...

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